PCR testing now at select Cuba resorts, says Gomez

PCR testing now at select Cuba resorts, says Gomez

TORONTO — In response to the Canadian government’s new PCR testing requirement, Cuba has announced new PCR testing capabilities at resorts in several top travel destinations.

For US$30, visitors can get tested at hotels in Varadero, Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria and Holguin. The fee is payable only by credit card or debit /VISA. Cash payments will not be accepted.

“It’s great news that Cuba can offer this convenience to all Canadians visiting our beautiful country,” said Lessner Gomez, Director of the Cuba Tourist Board in Toronto. “Cuba has a world-class health system and the highest doctor/patient ratio in the world – three times more than Canada. We are totally ready to accommodate increased testing.”

Guests will be advised upon arrival at their hotel, during the welcome briefing, about on-site testing and how to arrange an appointment with hotel doctors. Those staying in private homes can get tested at all international clinics in Cuba, which are located throughout the country.

A Canadian government webpage with a list of countries and timelines and more information about the PCR test requirement can be found here. Also, to check listings for PCR test facilities, go to https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories, click on the country followed by that country’s Health tab. Not all destinations have facilities listed.