Passenger wins the Internet after playing rock-paper-scissors with grounds crew

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with airplanes these days. As one Spirit Airlines passenger has proven, a simple game of rock-paper-scissors is enough to pass the time – and win the Internet – while on a flight.

As first reported by TIME, Brianna Kolbe and her boyfriend Robert Meadows, 23, were waiting for their flight to depart from Atlantic City when Meadows challenged a member of the grounds crew on the tarmac below to a round of the popular childhood game.

In a video taken by Kolbe and uploaded to Twitter, Meadows can be seen looking out the window, pumping his fist into his hand while saying, “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot”.

He plays ‘scissors’ for the first round. For the next round, Kolbe pans to the window and zooms in on the crew member who plays ‘rock’.

We can only assume that Meadows beat him with ‘paper’ because the crew member is seen swatting his arm in defeat and walking away.

“My boyfriend literally has no problem making friends with anybody…”, Kolbe wrote in her caption. Her video, which was posted on Aug. 11, has already garnered over two million likes and been retweeted over 385,000 times.

In a follow-up tweet, Kolbe asked for help identifying the “wing walker” in the video. Twitter responded in full and the employee was soon identified as Allain Bantaya.

Bantaya, who shot to Internet fame overnight, later tweeted a meme of a shocked face and wrote: “Me waking up to see my phone blow up bc I lost a rock paper scissors game.”

Meadows replied to Bantaya’s tweet, writing, “Honestly I’m down for a rematch @SpiritAirlines needs to make it happen!!!”

We’d all be down for this rematch, too. Spirit Airlines, the ball – or rather rock – is in your court!

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