Passenger who threw nut shells on floor “belongs in a barn"
Credit: Reddit

Passenger who threw nut shells on floor “belongs in a barn”

DUBLIN — A flight travelling from the U.S. to Ireland looked more like a barn than a Boeing, thanks to one female passenger who chucked pistachio shells on the floor.

Caught on camera and blasted on the online forum Reddit, the woman is clearly shown with a bag of nuts on her lap and a pile of discarded shells at her feet.

After the photo was posted online, it didn’t take long for people to express their outrage over such an outlandish offense. Reddit user Bubbaganewsh wrote: “No matter how you rationalize it, she is a pig who belongs in a barn. You don’t do this kind of thing on an aeroplane.”


Credit: Reddit

CodeMonkey24 also chimed in, writing, “Some people are just slobs. Nothing you can do about them, because an over-inflated sense of entitlement tends to accompany it.”

Others took their comments one step further, positing about her upbringing. “She looks young,” wrote dude_nyc, “probably used to mummy or daddy cleaning up after her – a product of great parenting.”

A minority of Reddit users came to the woman’s defense, including Paul02008 who said, “The aisles get vacuumed after every trip regardless, I don’t see what the big deal is.”

But one person, who claimed to be an airline employee, took extra offense. “This pisses me off beyond belief,” they wrote. “At my airline, flight crew are the ones that clean the planes between flights to save money. We are not paid on the ground, we do this for free.”

No word on how long the shells remained on the floor or who eventually cleaned them up. Hopefully, the woman in question didn’t leave a trail of nuts behind her while disembarking the plane.

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