Passenger dumps trash in the middle of the aisle and the Internet loses it

Passenger dumps trash in the middle of the aisle and the Internet loses it

TORONTO — Last week, we told you about a pig being removed from a US Airways flight for being disruptive. This week, we’re putting the spotlight on a particularly filthy air passenger who, unlike the pig, was able to remain on his flight despite causing discomfort to fellow passengers.

According to The International Business Times, an unidentified male airline passenger is being shamed on social media after a photo of a pile of trash he left in the middle of the aisle went viral. The photo was shared on Reddit’s ‘Trashy’ forum as well as on Instagram account @passengershaming, which is used by the public to call out particularly vile passengers.

In the picture, the man, whose face remains hidden, can be seen reading a book as his trash – dirty napkins, a food tray, plastic wrap and discarded food – is scattered next to his feet, directly in the aisle.

Not surprisingly, this elicited outrage on Reddit, with users comparing the passenger to animals.

“And here I thought animals had to ride with the cargo,” one user wrote.

On Instagram, users pondered his behaviour at home, with one person saying, “I would hate to see what his home looks like.” Others weren’t so diplomatic. @lawlovesmar wrote: “Jackass! He should be banned for ever flying that airline ever again!”

No word as to who eventually cleaned up the mess, or whether the man in question ever apologized. Hopefully, he’s been shamed into being a more courteous passenger and seatmate on future flights!