Paris baboons plot their escape, break out of zoo enclosure

Paris baboons plot their escape, break out of zoo enclosure

PARIS — This is not a drill, people! The apes have escaped and are taking over the world.

In a scene straight out of ‘Planet of the Apes’, a total of 50 baboons escaped their enclosure at Paris Zoological Park on Friday, prompting an evacuation and the eventual closure of the park.

According to French reports, police have arrived at the scene as well as three marksmen armed with hypodermic guns. As of now, only four of the animals have been returned to their enclosure.

Zoo officials said the baboons were never in contact with the public as they were in restricted areas at the time of the escape. As a precaution, zoo guests were evacuated and a security perimeter was set up around the zoo to prevent cars from driving in from nearby roads.

No word as to why the animals escaped in the first place (maybe it was the food?), but they were seen congregating around the Grand Rocher, a fake rock that serves as the zoo’s centerpiece. A simple club gathering, or the beginning stages of a revolution?

The escapees were surrounded within minutes by zoo keepers, vets and emergency services. Officials said they were confident that the remaining animals would be persuaded back into their enclosure, confirming that the dominant males have already returned.

Twitter had a field day when news of the jailbreak broke, with many jokingly relating the escape to a Nutella sale that’s currently running across France (which, come to think of it, makes complete sense).

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