Overnight stays in Germany increase 5% in 2014; Traditions and Customs focus for 2015

Overnight stays in Germany increase 5% in 2014; Traditions and Customs focus for 2015

TORONTO — Overnight stays in Germany increased 5% in 2014 to 75.5 million, representing solid growth figures, according to the German National Tourist Board (GNTB).

The drive to encourage tourism in 2015 will focus on the theme of German Traditions and Customs, plus this year is the 25th anniversary of unification of East and West Germany.

Overnight stays increased to 75.5 million in 2014; although, North American only represents less than 10% of this figure with Europe representing over 75%, followed by Asia at 11%. Canadian travellers to Germany got off to a slow start in 2014 because of the polar vortex and the ensuing shift towards Mexico and the Caribbean, but had recovered by the fall. Travel to Germany in 2015 should get a boost from the relatively weaker euro currency and continuing strength in consumer demand.

“We are very happy to let you know that travel to Germany picked up towards the end of 2014, for September we recorded an increase in 7.5% in overnights coming from Canada,” says Antje Splettstoesser, Director Marketing & Sales, in Canada for the German National Tourist Office. “This is due to our strong marketing activities which are back in full swing and we expect to continue to being very successful in 2015.”

2015 will focus on Germany’s Traditions and Customs, which have shaped its international image and secured its position as a top travel destination. The campaign will promote three aspects of the theme: Culinary Germany, Living Tradition and Arts and Crafts bringing to life brand ‘Destination Germany’.

The ‘Heritage and History of the Region’ aspect is one of the top 10 reasons foreign visitors choose Germany as a holiday destination,” says Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the GNTB, explaining the choice of theme for the campaign. “[We are] using the theme of Traditions and Customs to promote the development of tourism in rural areas.”

The campaign will encourage foreign visitors to sample Germany’s many local specialities, to experience traditional festivals and customs in German regions and cities, such as the Munich Beer Festival and the Cologne Carnival, and to discover German cultural events and festivals, arts, crafts and music.

For more information, visit germany.travel/tradition.

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