Over 8,000 appointments in the books at Tianguis Turistico

Over 8,000 appointments in the books at Tianguis Turistico

MEXICO CITY — Tianguis Turistico, Mexico’s largest travel conference, is in full swing, with thousands of buyers and exhibitors in attendance.

Taking place in Mexico City from March 26-29, the annual event, now in its 47th year, is designed to promote Mexico’s products, services and travel experiences while at the same time showcase the attractions that make the host city a destination of choice for national and international tourists.

In preparation of this year’s event, Mexico City undertook the renovation of 16 public parks, providing more than 8,600 miles of green space and soon-to-be the world’s biggest Photovoltaic Power Plant. The city was recently honoured with the 2022 World Green City Award in recognition of the expansion and enhancement of public transportation, as well as for its 800-plus miles of bicycle lanes. As an interconnected destination, Mexico City also boasts a robust connectivity system with more than 33,000 Wi-Fi points.

“Mexico City is a destination that offers visitors a unique and unparalleled experience. From its rich history to its vibrant culture and delicious cuisine, there is something for everyone in this city,” said Nathalie Veronique Desplas, Mexico City’s Minister of Tourism. 

“Visitors can explore ancient pyramids, visit world-class museums, shop at traditional markets and enjoy the nightlife. We invite you to come and discover all that Mexico City has to offer,” the Minister added.

At this year’s Tianguis Turistico, over 2,000 buyers – including tour operators and travel agencies from more than 70 countries – are scheduled to hold business meetings with close to 2,000 exhibitors. To date, more than 80,000 pre-scheduled business appointments have been coordinated.

For more information go to http://tianguisturistico.com/en/.

For more information about Mexico City go to https://mexicocity.cdmx.gob.mx/.

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