Ovadias Tours: Helping travel agents sell Greece for more than 60 years

Ovadias Tours: Helping travel agents sell Greece for more than 60 years

ATHENS — Ovadias Tours, helping travel advisors get their clients the best out of their Greece travels since 1959, has two websites designed to assist agents with trip planning and marketing.

Ovadias Tours’ sites, ovadiastours.com and greekislandsandtours.com, offer more than 100 packages to Greece, with 20% commission, says company president and CEO, Nicholas Ovadias.

Ovadias’ message to agents? “These two websites are moneymakers if you introduce them to your clientele,” he says. “Both websites are copy-paste in order to help you achieve sales.”

Ovadias has these suggestions for anyone looking to boost their Greece bookings…

  • Check out ovadiastours.com/luxury/ for VIP packages
  • All of Ovadias’ health and safety protocols are at ovadiastours.com/hygiene/
  • At ovadiastours.com/santorini/, clients will find a variety of Santorini & Mykonos packages, for a wide range of budgets
  • Other helpful tabs at the top of the Ovadias Tours home page include Yachting, Shopping and Events & Meals. “And above all, check out the Visit Greece tab, featuring all the information you need about Greece,” says Ovadias.

He adds that GreekIslandsandTours.com also offers plenty of packages “to attract your clients or to book online hotels or tickets.”

Ovadias Tours can be reached at nicholas@ovadiastours.com, or roula@ovadiastours.com.

Adds Ovadias: “We assure you that we will always offer to you and your clients our quality and personalized services. All requests emailed to us will be quoted with the best possible NET price and your interests in mind.”

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