Nova Scotia has a secret ice cream flavour and we are all for it
Photo: Jillian Christena, Instagram

Nova Scotia has a secret ice cream flavour and we are all for it

NOVA SCOTIA — Move over poutine, Canada may have just found a new national dish.

It’s not so much a dish, however, as it is a summer treat. It’s not covered in gravy, nor is it deep fried, but it is super delicious and uniquely Canadian, not to mention Instagram worthy.

It’s called Moon Mist, and it’s a best-selling ice cream flavour that Nova Scotians have kept secret for years.

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Okay, maybe they weren’t purposely keeping it to themselves, but the rest of Canada is only now learning about it thanks to the magic of social media.

With July being National Ice Cream Month, the tri-coloured frozen treat has been making the rounds on Instagram and Twitter in recent weeks, putting Nova Scotia on the map for being ultra ‘cool’. Moon Mist combines three unique flavours – grape, banana and bubble gum – into one colourful swirl that’s out of this world (hence, the name).

Now, before you start knocking it for its odd flavour combo (“Ew, bubble gum?” is a common refrain), need we remind you how poutine is often regarded with disgust by the rest of the world? It may look and sound strange to foreigners, but Canadians know only too well how French Fries + Gravy + Cheese Curds = Perfection.

Perhaps the same can be said about Moon Mist now. If Nova Scotians are all for it, then it won’t be long until the rest of Canada follows suit.

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