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Nothing to see here, just two humongous sea lions on the back of a boat

PUGET SOUND — Everyone puts on a few pounds around the holidays, perhaps no one more than these two hefty stowaways spotted lounging on a boat off the coast of Washington.

Last month, Joshua Phillips, who according to his Instagram account is a former professional soccer player from the Pacific Northwest, captured two giant sea lions on video catching a ride on the back of a tiny boat in Puget Sound.

The portly pair were so heavy that the stern of the boat was completely submerged in water.

Looks like someone went back for seconds and thirds during Christmas dinner!

As Joshua circled the mammals in, presumably, his own boat, the two sea lions could barely muster a curious glance. We’re sure they were far too busy lounging and living the jet-set life!

Though it seems unbelievable at first that they are, in fact, that big, sea lions have been known to grow to a whopping 11 feet and weigh upwards of 2,500 pounds.

How that tiny boat didn’t sink, we have no idea.

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