Nine long-distance cycling routes combine the best of Flanders
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Nine long-distance cycling routes combine the best of Flanders

New iconic routes for cycling holidays in Flanders are sure to delight cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The Belgium region now boasts a total of 9 iconic routes – long-distance thematic cycling routes for holidays in Flanders.

The 2 newest routes are the Hill Route, and the Flanders Route. The Hill Route combines all the hills in the south of Flanders, offering a variety of scenery in Voeren, Hesbaye, Hageland, Pajottenland, the Flemish Ardennes and Heuvelland. The Flanders Route is a ‘best of’ route, featuring the highlights of the other 8 iconic routes into one single route of 952 km through all the Flemish provinces.

All in all, the 9 long-distance routes combine the best of Flanders for nature, culture, heritage, gastronomy and the good life. And they’re all part of VISITFLANDERS’ five-year project, together with the five Flemish provincial tourist organizations, to upgrade Flanders to a top holiday destination for both domestic and foreign cycling tourists.

VISITFLANDERS and the five Flemish provincial administrations have together set aside almost 1.5 million euros to achieve this ambition. A multilingual central information service will be provided, campaigns will be rolled out to promote the cycling holidays both at home and abroad, and the tourist sector and cycling holidaymakers will be actively involved in the further development of cycling holiday products.

“These investments in the iconic routes will enable us to grow cycling holidays in Flanders and build them into an important economic lever for tourism. Cycling holidays will generate more income, extend the stay and the tourist season, attract both domestic and international tourists and guarantee sufficient critical mass of cyclists along the route, which is good for our local businesses. Since the routes extend throughout Flanders, we are ensuring a sufficient spread of tourists in our region,” says Flemish Minister of Tourism, Zuhal Demir.

“Together with the municipalities, the Flemish provinces have developed a high-quality range of cycling paths and intersections. By combining that offer and the long-held knowledge of recreational cycling, we are providing a powerful response to the growing demand for cycling holidays,” says Igor Phijtens, chair of the Tourism policy committee of the Association of Flemish Provinces. “By looking beyond the provincial and national borders, we have been able to link up with international routes and thus claim a permanent leading position for Flanders in the world of recreational cycling.”

The nine iconic routes are …

1. Coastal Route
2. 14-18 Western Front Route
3. Scheldt Route
4. Art Cities Route
5. Green Belt Route
6. Kempen Route
7. Meuse Route
8. Hill Route
9. Flanders Route

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