Nine out of 10 theme park guests want to pre-book: survey

Nine out of 10 theme park guests want to pre-book: survey

BASINGSTOKE, England — Some 90% of UK and U.S. theme park guests say they want to pre-book their entire trip before arrival, according to a new survey. Guests say they want to have their accommodation, tickets, meals, merchandise and more organized in advance, for a more hassle-free experience.

The findings feature in the first Omnico Theme Park Barometer, exploring the experiences of more than 2,000 park guests in the U.S., UK and China.

Some 84% of Western respondents said their experience would improve if they could choose from a range of personalized promotions on-site, while 81% said they would like to receive alerts on ideal times to visit restaurants, underlining the importance of convenience.

“Visitors overwhelmingly want a single, connected resort experience, with emphasis on convenience and enjoyment,” said Mel Taylor, CEO, Omnico Group. “Theme park operators need to accommodate this shift in outlook.”

Research shows visitors are limited in what they can book beforehand, with the majority (64%) only able to conduct online research.

Other findings show the popularity of payment technology: 77% want to pay for everything they consume in a resort with cashless devices such as wristbands or smartphone apps; and 83% would use a resort’s app if it provided them with a variety of functions such as maps and the ability to order in advance.

“Customers want operators to use technology to give them a stress-free experience that is good value and memorable,” added Taylor. “This does not require major investment in new solutions, but intelligent integration that fits each piece of the jigsaw together perfectly, from POS systems to CRM and loyalty personalization.”

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