Nicaragua sees 30% growth from Canada – and it’s committed to staying authentic
Left to right – Marlon Moreno, Ana Carolina Garcia, Luis Chavez, and Sarah Jesson

Nicaragua sees 30% growth from Canada – and it’s committed to staying authentic

TORONTO — With clients looking for the next undiscovered spot, and as destinations like Iceland and Barcelona push back against over tourism, Nicaragua is looking to keep its authenticity with the launch of the new campaign; ‘Nicaragua – I like you just as you are’.

Nicaragua’s industry event took place in Toronto last night for agents and media at the Bisha hotel, part of a North American tour by the Nicaraguan Tourism Board.

“Our focus is the North American market right now. Canadians have been coming a lot with 30% growth from the previous year,” says Ana Carolina Garcia, Garcia Director of Promotion and Marketing for the tourism board.

One of the keys to the success has been new lift with Air Transat. “We use to have 8 or 10 direct flights, but right now we have 44. So that’s huge growth for us in Canada,” added Garcia.

The other key to standing out from other sun destinations is only having one all-inclusive, making it a great choice for clients seeking adventure, eco-tourism, boutique hotels and authentic experiences.

“The country is authentic, it’s still the way the Nicaraguans are. That’s what tourists like, they are looking for more of an experimental experience,” says Garcia.

“They want to know they way Nicaraguans eat, they love to see our dancers, our culture.

“That’s something to keep, we are not looking for massive tourism.

“We want to keep it authentic, unique and as it is. That’s why we are launching the campaign Nicaragua – I Like You Just As You Are’.”

The campaign has been featured in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square and will be continued through digital campaigns. For the trade, Nicaragua will be launching FAM trips and trade events throughout the year.

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