NewLeaf’s launches extreme fares for as low as $19
It's now cheaper for Canadians to get to Halifax

NewLeaf launches extreme fares as low as $19

WINNIPEG — NewLeaf Travel Company is showing off its national pride by announcing new extreme fares on routes that travel across Canada.

The airline, in operation since July 25, has transported more than 80,000 passengers using ultra-low fares. Now, NewLeaf is enticing Canadians to discover the country even further by offering fares for as low as $19. Abbotsford to Halifax, for example, is available one-way for $19, all taxes and fees included.

“Our ownership group consists of 7 First Nations. We are proud of their investment. Our ultra low-cost model is something that Canadians have been asking for, and we have been the first to deliver this option for Canadian travellers,” said NewLeaf President and CEO Jim Young.

The extreme fares are available for every route that NewLeaf currently serves at

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