Newfoundland town wakes up to find giant iceberg off its shores
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Newfoundland town wakes up to find giant iceberg off its shores

FERRYLAND, NL — The sleepy town of Ferryland, Newfoundland, population 465, isn’t accustomed to bumper-to-bumper traffic. But these days, congested roads are a common occurrence, all because of one massive iceberg.

Located one hour south of St. John’s, Ferryland became the latest social media sensation over the Easter weekend when a huge iceberg floated towards its shores. Though drifting icebergs are nothing new to residents – the town has a prime view of ‘Iceberg Alley’, where icebergs regularly break off in the Arctic and float past the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador – this giant snow-peaked cap doesn’t appear to be moving along like the 600 bergs that have already happily floated into the North Atlantic this year.

Instead, the iceberg, which mayor Adrian Kavanagh says is the biggest one he’s ever seen in the area, appears to be grounded. The result is a striking visual that has caused a frenzy on social media.

With news spreading quickly, droves of tourists and curious onlookers have descended upon Ferryland to catch a glimpse of the berg and snap pics. In one Instagram photo, a helicopter appears to be parked on one end of the iceberg, looking tiny in comparison.

Kavanagh expects to see even more icebergs to float past the town, with six “big” ones already visible in the distance.

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