Travelport announces new suppliers on Travelport+ platform

New Travelport+ tools now available to travel agency customers

LANGLEY, UK — Travelport has released new Travelport+ tools and functionalities.

Travelport’s agency customers using the latest version of Travelport’s desktop tool, Smartpoint, can now access new itinerary enhancements, including Trip Quote, to customize itinerary quotes, and Assisted Ticketing capabilities.

Additionally, Travelport has launched a new Trip Manager portal on Travelport+, offering self-service for travellers to carry out fast, easy transactions for their trip on the go and continues its Intelligent Storefront mission by making it easier for agents to understand offers and compare brands with similar attributes on a like-for-like basis.

Agencies using Travelport can also better manage the hotel bookings they sell with a simple self-service rules engine, the Content Optimizer, says the company.

Travelport is the first and only GDS to sign NDC content distribution deals with all of the three major European airline groups (Air France-KLM, International Airlines Group (IAG), and Lufthansa Group). The company says it continues to expand its NDC connections as the evolution of Travelport+ tools and agency capabilities help to modernize travel retailing.