New survey shows optimism is high for future travel, with travellers willing to be tested & tracked

Survey shows travel optimism is high, with travellers willing to be tested

LEBANON, NH — A new survey by Global Rescue has found that 77% of travellers are expecting to make a trip by the end of October.

The leading travel risk and crisis response provider, which recently conducted the survey of its members, also found that travellers who are grounded due to the pandemic are willing to take several measures that they would have once found objectionable as a condition of restarting travel.

“Many travellers are planning to hit the road again this summer and they are willing to share personal medical history and travel plans to help keep themselves and those around them safe,” said CEO Dan Richards.


Here are some key findings:

Safety Measure Tolerance

  • 91% are willing to subject themselves to screening and testing
  • 73% are willing to disclose medical conditions related to a compromised immune system
  • 93% are willing to share their past 14-day travel history
  • 58% are willing to have their physical location tracked and traced with data temporarily retained

Travel Expectations

  • 77% are expecting to make a trip by the end of October
  • 41% expect to make their next trip by July or earlier
  • 36% are planning their initial trip sometime between August and October
  • Less than 9% believe their earliest post-pandemic trip will be during the holiday months of November and December
  • Less than 7% expect to make their first trip sometime between January and March 2021
  • 7% predict their next trip won’t be until sometime after April 2021

Respondents also revealed that their first travel itineraries will be domestic ventures by a two-to-one margin over international excursions. Nearly 75% of initial trips will be family vacations, leisure trips to visit friends, or destination getaways. Fewer than 10% of respondents expect their first trips to be for business only, while 15% report their initial travel plans will be for both business and pleasure.

More than 42% said they were forced to cancel their travel plans, 16% said they voluntarily abandoned trips, while 27% postponed their trips. Nearly 60% who cancelled or postponed expect to book another trip as soon as they feel safe, while 13% said they will reserve another trip to take advantage of travel discounts and deals. Less than 1.5% plan to spend their money on other things unrelated to travel.