New mandatory ticketing info for Aeromexico bookings

New mandatory ticketing info for Aeromexico bookings

MEXICO CITY — Aeromexico is reminding agents that all reservations for Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect and AM codeshare flights must contain certain specific information about the passengers name, DOB and gender, as the airline works to increase the security of its flights.

Regardless of the route, bookings must contain the following data:

  • Full Name as it appears in an official ID and/or passport, based on the route
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

The required information applies to all domestic flights (Mexico), the Caribbean and Central and South America.

As well, according to IATA Resolution 830d and with the goal of improving communications in case of cancellations, delays or misconnections, Aeromexico is also asking for a mobile phone number and email address to be added the reservation of at least the main passenger.

The airline says this customer information will only be used to have direct contact with customers in the event of an Irregular Operation within 48 hours of departure as per IATA rules.

Aeromexico says it will not use this information to serve customers with any sort of marketing / re-targeting communications unless the customer opts-in.

Aeromexico says these are the three SSRs that should be used to add this data:

SSR CTCE – Email address of the main passenger
SSR CTCM – Mobile phone number of the main passenger SSR CTCR – Passenger’s refusal to provide information

Aeromexico also reminds agents that since the @ and _ symbols are not part of the IATA standard, they should be replaced by:

// instead of @, and .. instead of _ .

“The only way to achieve this goal is with the support of our partners. Therefore, we kindly request your help to include this information through an SSR DOCS for each of the customers in a reservation, before you close it or issue the tickets,” says the airline.

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