New app allows passengers to easily switch seats on a plane

New app allows passengers to easily switch seats on a plane

TORONTO — Ever been stuck in a dreaded middle seat on an airplane? Here’s your chance to switch your seat with someone else for a nominal fee.

According to The Telegraph, a new app called Seateroo, which will launch in January, allows passengers to track down someone else onboard willing to give up their seat for financial compensation. The two parties can then discuss the swap using the free app – even before they board – and reach an agreement over the fee.

The minimum price is set at US$5, with the California-based app company taking a 15% cut.

There are drawbacks, however, as The Telegraph is quick to report. The chances of two passengers onboard having the app is likely to be slim. Plus, Seateroo will not be launching globally – just the U.S. And let’s not forget the airline staff, who reserves the right to prevent two travellers from trading seats.

But according to the company’s research, 27% of Americans have expressed interest in the app and would be willing to pay up to $24 for a better seat on a short-haul flight, and $34 on longer journeys.

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