The Netflix of the skies becomes a reality

The Netflix of the skies becomes a reality

There’s no question that Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch TV. Now, a new company called OneGo is hoping that same business model will do the same for air travel.

According to BGR, a leading technology news source, OneGo is catering directly to business travellers by providing an all-encompassing service for a recurring monthly fee. Dubbed the ‘Netflix for airplanes’ by BGR, the service offers unlimited travel within the United States via all major U.S. airlines.

But unlike Netflix’s cheap monthly rates, OneGo’s prices are a little harder to swallow. Plus, national plans are broken down into various regions, and not every route in the U.S. is covered, which may put a dent in business travel plans.

A national plan that allows travellers the freedom to fly anywhere within the U.S. costs US$2,950 a month. Cheaper plans are available but come with limitations. For instance, a monthly pass that covers the east side of the country will set a traveller back $2,300, while one that covers the West costs $1,500. Travelling up and down the central United States will cost a flyer $1,950.

The 700+ routes that are covered by OneGo are considered the most popular in the country. “For travellers who frequently hop between the top 76 airports in the country, this service could quickly pay for itself,” reports Mashable. But if someone wishes to get to a remote town in the middle of nowhere, they’d be out of luck.

Customers should also note that there’s a one-time $495 account setup fee. Plus, flight cancellations may set them back $100. But once they’re a monthly subscriber, booking a flight is easy – they just need to open the app, enter their origin airport and destination, pick a time to travel and they’re good to go.

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