#mycontiki launches online quiz, bi-weekly deals and travel agent ‘surprise and delight’

#mycontiki launches online quiz, bi-weekly deals and travel agent ‘surprise and delight’

TORONTO — The #mycontiki digital campaign has officially launched, which is all about giving travel agents a fun, easy tool to inspire young Canadians to travel.

Contiki has created the key to finding the perfect holiday in an online quiz designed to identify each traveller’s unique travel style. This will help agents qualify their customers, as well as providing a fun marketing and social media tool.

“Last year we redefined our trip styles and we now have eight very distinct trip styles which does two things: one it inspires an everyday traveller to understand the breadth of product available with Contiki, and the second part is for travel agents to better understand and qualify the person sitting in front of them,” says Contiki Canada President, Brad Ford.

Contiki’s eight new trip styles are Discovery Plus, High Energy, Easy Pace, In-Depth Explorer, Winter & Ski, Sailing & Cruise, Festivals & Short Stays, Freestyle Camping.

“Travel agents gave us valuable feedback expressing their desire for a readily-accessible digital tool to help identify the perfect Contiki trip for their clients,” says Ford. “We know that not all travellers are the same, and we developed an easy to use and entertaining tool that can start the conversation in qualifying their millennial clients’ needs.”

The #mycontiki campaign will also offer bi-weekly featured deals providing up to $700 off Contiki’s best-selling trip to different regions around the world. Clients can save $150 when they book a trip to the campaign’s bi-weekly featured region (like Western Europe, South Pacific or Asia), and in combination with Early Payment Discounts and other promos, savings can reach up to $700 off trips to Western Europe, the first region featured in #mycontiki.

“The next four weeks is the best time to sell Europe, with early payment discounts being phased out very soon, in combination with saving through the #mycontiki campaign, now is the time to sell Europe for 2015,” explains Ford.

Finally, Contiki will ‘surprise and delight’ agents across the country with fun giveaways – such as spa visits, merchandise and gift cards – based on the unique travel style of the agent as identified in the quiz and shared on social media.

“To further reward and thank our terrific travel agents for their brilliant support, we have also created special ‘surprise and delight’ recognition for those travel agents who take the quiz and share on their social networks,” says Ford.

Agents can take the quiz at contiki.com/mytravelstyle-agents and share the results with @ContikiCanada on Instagram or @ContikiCAN on Twitter using the hashtag #mycontiki to be entered into a bi-weekly draw.