Members of Porter Airlines' flight crew and exec team, including (second from left) CCO Kevin Jackson

Mr. Porter threw a house party in Vancouver, and the event was as stylish and on-point as the airline’s service

VANCOUVER — Porter Airlines, known as a pioneer in offering short-haul North American flights in style, let their mascot throw a swanky House Party at Rocky Mountaineer Station in Vancouver this week.

The decked-out pad welcomed media, influencers, agents and company execs, who enjoyed an on-ground version of the fabulous Porter Experience before Mr. Porter drew the curtains for a special set by popular UK DJ Marsh.

Mr. Porter’s House Party with UK DJ Marsh

The Porter Experience is the elevated onboard experience that all passengers get onboard Porter Airlines, one that exudes comfort and style while also offering value – including some honestly surprising price points for fares.

The Porter Experience was on full display at the July 12 evening event in Vancouver – with no speeches or PowerPoint presentations in sight. Instead the airline showcased its strong service ethos, hosting a party that was all about fun, sophistication and top-notch F&B.

Travelweek also had the opportunity to experience the renowned in-air version on the flight from Toronto to Vancouver earlier in the day.

The flight was excellent, thanks to the immensely friendly and attentive flight crew who dramatically improved the flight experience.

Jittery flyers even openly appreciated how the flight deck provided calming details during turbulence.

Having free WiFi that actually connects is also huge, considering it’s one of those things many can’t be fussed to pay for if required. “Did you connect both devices? That’s always me, working the laptop with one hand and the phone with the other,” joked Kevin Jackson, Porter’s Chief Commercial Officer. He was spot on. It made the flight pass much faster being able to keep texting with friends while airborne.

Mr. Porter’s House Party in Vancouver with UK DJ Marsh

Delicious onboard food offerings and comfort round out the Porter Experience.

The goal of Mr. Porter’s House Party was to share with the local Vancouver audience the finer points of Porter’s service offering. Porter has been flying out of Toronto’s Billy Bishop International Airport since 2006, and has a loyal following in that market and its other well-established gateways.

Now that Porter is expanding thanks to its E195-E2 service out of Toronto Pearson, to cities already in its network plus Western Canada, and soon the western U.S., Caribbean and Mexico, the airline wants to get the word out to its new markets too.

In keeping with its expansion plans, first announced in 2021, Porter has launched a long list of new cities since early 2023, including Vancouver.

From Vancouver, clients can fly nonstop from YVR to Pearson five times daily starting in August. Flights to Ottawa start in two weeks. Then, passengers have the option to travel on from Ottawa and Toronto within the Porter network.

Since travellers in the west have less exposure to Porter than Canadians in the east, Porter wants brand recognition in the region, and Mr. Porter’s House Party kicked off the campaign in style.

Porter shows its appreciation to agents who help spread the word by offering them 4 – 8% commission, depending on the fare type, and 5% on the Porter Pass product and Porter Escapes packages.

Porter Passes are packages of 10, 20, 50 and 100 prepaid flight credits that clients can buy at a fixed low price. Credits can be redeemed for a flight at their convenience for one year after purchase. They’re good for any flight operated by Porter, but not those operated by its airline partners.

Kevin Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer; Robyn van Teunenbroek, Manager, Communications & Team Engagement; Brad Cicero, Director, Communications & Public Affairs

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