Morocco leads the way as Intrepid’s top selling destination

Morocco leads the way as Intrepid’s top selling destination

TORONTO — As the summer in Canada draws to a close, Intrepid Travel has announced its list of the country’s hottest selling destinations.

Morocco led the way with 8% of total bookings, continuing a strong year of sales for one of the most popular destinations in adventure travel. Rounding out the top five were India, Turkey, Cuba and Colombia. The list takes into account bookings over June, July and August, where Intrepid saw a 15% increase over the same period in 2014.

With the strong U.S. dollar keeping Canadians north of the border, travellers keen for an adventure were forced to look cross continent. “More Canadians are looking at options outside of the United States,” says Ron Fenska, VP of Sales for North America. “This list confirms that the appetite for adventure outside the U.S. has been the norm for many Canadians.”

Rounding out the top 10 was Vietnam, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Thailand and surprisingly, Tanzania. Having two top sellers in Africa is a great sign for a continent starting to see tourism numbers returning to normal.

“It is very encouraging to see two destinations in Africa performing so well here in Canada,” says Fenska. “It is so important that the industry continues to push for visitors to travel to Africa.”

It was also a big summer for Cuba, accounting for 5% of Canadian bookings. The increase is partially due to the announcement in January of eased restrictions for U.S. travellers. Cuba has remained relatively frozen in time and Canadians are rushing to visit before it changes. “When it comes to Cuba, we are hearing the same things at every trade show and agent training here in Canada: go now before it changes,” adds Fenska.

Intrepid predicts the fall season will bring more bookings to Latin and Central America as Canadians shift towards planning their winter escape.