More than 25 major cruise lines calling at Port of Bridgetown, says Cruise Barbados

BRIDGETOWN — Barbados is reporting strong numbers from its 2022-23 cruise season, and a very positive outlook for its 2023-24 season.

According to the latest stats from Cruise Barbados, the island saw a strong rebound in travel after relaxing COVID-19 protocols in September 2022. The tourism organization recorded a total of 625,847 passenger arrivals from 362 calls — an 86% recovery rate compared to the 726,028 passengers and 384 calls in the 2018-19 season.

Looking ahead to this coming winter, and based on current bookings at the Port of Bridgetown, the 2023-24 cruise season is expected to be a record-breaker, with a projected 741,265 passengers and 407 cruise calls from October 2023 to April 2024.

“We are grateful to witness this remarkable level of recovery after years of struggle throughout the pandemic. It has emboldened us to emerge stronger than ever before, steadfastly building a brighter future,” said Cruise Barbados’ Senior Business Development Officer, Tia Broomes.

“With more than 25 major cruise lines calling to the Port of Bridgetown, we welcome all vacationers to explore the unforgettable and immersive excursions our island has to offer, including the signature cave experiences, swimming with the turtles, scuba diving, amazing culinary and authentic cultural experiences,” Broomes added.

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