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Monaco: A destination on the cutting edge  

Monaco is a nation that bridges its past and present brilliantly, honoring its traditions and celebrating its history. Monaco is also a destination that knows that the future is just as important to keeping relevant in today’s travel landscape.

That’s why, in so many ways, Monaco continues to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and trends that travelers are looking for, blending its historical traditions with future realities. Consider these three frontiers:

Travellers know Monaco for its race cars – but do they know about the electric vehicles of its E-prix? Since 2014 this all-electric car race has replicated the traditional Grand Prix along Monaco’s iconic course, offering a more ecological alternative to traditional carbon-emitting racers.

Travelers know Monaco’s homegrown culinary genius Alain Ducasse – but do they know about the female chefs making waves? Female chefs like award-winning Mélanie Serre at Elsa at Monte-Carlo Beach, Claire Sonnet at Louis XV – Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Victoria Vallenilla at Coya Monte-Carlo, and mother-daughter duo Mireille and Yasmina Hayek at Em Sherif opened at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo are all showing how

Travelers know about Monaco’s gorgeous waterfront, but do they know about its new eco-district Maraterra? Designed as a recreational and residential district based on sustainable architecture, it’s providing a model for the future while creating a new district in one of the smallest nations in the world – where real estate is famously tight!

Monaco wants to share these stories of its innovation and adaptation, to show visitors that it’s not stuck in its past or its stereotypes. The destination invites travelers to experience Monaco in the 21st century, without forgetting of course its commitment to its past with the marquee attractions still there.

These angles and stories are powerful ways to showcase the destination beyond what everyone already knows – or thinks they know!


Resources for Canadian travel advisors can be found at https://traveltrade.visitmonaco.com/. More information, news, and the latest developments can also be found at visitmonaco.com.

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