Ministry proposes amendments to Travel Industry Act

Ministry proposes amendments to Travel Industry Act

TORONTO – TICO wants agents to know that the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has put forth several proposed amendments under the Travel Industry Act (TIA), and is encouraging feedback from travel professionals.

If approved and implemented, the proposed regulatory amendments would:

  • Exempt businesses that exclusively offer one-day tours from the requirements under TIA
  • Modify certain registration and operating requirements to allow for flexibility for not-for-profit corporations promoting tourism in Ontario
  • Require all businesses registered under TIA to display the total price to consumers, including all taxes, fees, levies and other charges when advertising travel services.

In addition, the ministry is proposing to make a technical amendment to align the timing for claim submissions.

TICO will be addressing these proposed regulatory changes at a media briefing later this week. It will also be making an important announcement that will affect all travel retailers and travel wholesalers in Ontario. Check back at for more details.

To comment on the proposed amendment, go to