Michigan beachgoers left flabbergasted after surprise visitor wanders up to the shore

SAUGATUCK, MI — Imagine working out for months to be beach-body ready for the summer, only to be upstaged by a deer.

This is exactly what happened at Saugatuck Dunes State Park in Michigan, where a fearless buck wandered out of the sand dunes to dip its hooves in the water alongside fellow sunbathers.

The deer, caught on video by an amused beachgoer, looks completely unbothered by the crowd. In fact, at one point, it cozies up next to a young girl sitting in a beach chair and licks her knee.

Perhaps it was trying to tell her to move over and make room?

It’s unclear how long the deer stayed or whether it safely returned to wherever it came from. Let’s hope it had a chance to cool off at the beach and that someone lent it some floaties.