Mexico Tourist Board looks to attract the inspirational and more affluent traveller

Mexico Tourist Board looks to attract the inspirational and more affluent travellerRodolfo Lopez Negrete (left), Chief Executive Officer and Rodrigo Esponda C. (right), Director for Canada – Mexico Tourism Board

TORONTO — A delegation from the Mexico Tourist Board headed by CEO Rodolfo Lopez Negrete recently visited Toronto to introduce its new program for promoting Mexico as a tourist destination.

The focus of the new program is to promote Mexico as more than a sand and sea destination and to generate a greater sense of excitement and aspiration for Mexico as a tourist destination.

The new program is targeting people who want to travel internationally and who are interested in exploring the destination. It aims to portray Mexico as a destination of Diverse Experience, hence the new tag line ‘LIVE IT TO BELIEVE IT’.

Initially, the campaign will be based on four themes. One will be aimed at portraying Mexico City as more than a business city. It will feature Mexico City as a vibrant cosmopolitan city featuring diversity and history.

The second focus will be on the Yucatan region which is described as a magical destination featuring the Mayan civilization and its 17th century ambiance, 2½ hours by car from Cancun International Airport.

The program will also seek to attract a younger affluent tourist to Los Cabos, considered by many to be the backyard of California and its affluent celebrities and technology executives.

Finally, Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit (the new Vallarta) will be rebranded as ‘Vallarta-Nayarit’ so as to maximize the assets of both resorts. Capacity is being added to the airport and the local authorities are being encouraged to work together in their marketing efforts.

Negrete advised that volume is now at record levels and the focus in the future will be to attract the inspirational and more affluent traveller.

Rodrigo Esponda C., Canadian Director of the Mexico Tourism Board, said Canadian travel agents can contact the Canadian office for any questions or support that they may require. The Canadian office can be reached at 416-925-0078, by fax at 416-925-0079 and by e-mail at The website is

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