Meet Betty, the ever-pregnant goat at Sunset at the Palms

NEGRIL — Love is love is love, especially at Sunset at the Palms in Negril where goats are given free rein to fall in love, have babies and live happily ever after.

The all-inclusive resort first won the hearts of animal lovers back in 2017 when it welcomed Betty the goat, a cross between Jamaica’s local goat species and a British breed called the Anglo-Nubian, to its groundskeeping crew.

Since then, Betty has found a mate, gotten married in a formal resort ceremony, and given birth to twins – twice.

Betty, you’ve been busy!

On Sept. 12, the second set of her twins were gifted to two staff members, who took the babies to their homes as part of the resort’s Green Globe initiative. Sunset at the Palms attained its Green Globe certification in 2017 and adopted Betty during that process through a partnership with a local pig and goat farmer whose animals consume much of the resort’s kitchen scraps.

Resort guests and staff, including the entire groundskeeping crew, were on hand for the official send-off of the twins. Basil Grant, the groundskeeper who has worked with the goat family most closely, and Junical Bruce, a member of the culinary team, are the two lucky staff members tasked with caring for the kids. Basil, who nicknamed his goat ‘Perfect Girl’, has already built a home for the female, while Junical has taken the male to join the 35 goats he already has at his home.

Goats are an important part of the island’s culture, with many Jamaicans owning at least one. The breed originated about 100 years ago, when the Brits cross-bred their own goats with a population of goats that had been imported from India, the Middle East and North Africa.

And in case you were thinking it, the twins will be spared the fate of ending up on the dinner table. Instead, they’ll spend their days being loved and living the island life.

And there’s even more happy news to come – Betty, with help from her beau, Royal Brown, is pregnant again! She remains at the resort with her original offspring, Bella and Bill, to ensure the program continues on and on and that more staff members ‘earn’ the chance to bring goats to their own homes and farms.

Sunset at the Palms’ guests can interact with the beloved herd during weekly nature tours, during which a member of the groundskeeping crew will guide them through the lush grounds and point out all the flora and fauna. For more information go to

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