Manulife offers extended coverage for Canadians abroad

TORONTO — Manulife has made its travel insurance policies more flexible to accommodate Canadians who are currently overseas and unable to return home.

The company says it understands the difficulties some policyholders are having in making arrangements to return to Canada, as per the guidance of the Canadian government, and with that comes the concern of the potential impact to individual travel insurance coverage purchased prior to departure.

In response, Manulife says it will allow all individual travel policies to be extended up to and including April 30, 2020 while policyholders make arrangements to return to Canada.

The company is encouraging policyholders to contact their travel insurance distributors or contact Manulife directly by email at or, including names and policy numbers in the message.

Coverage will remain in place for its full duration as per the policy terms and conditions for customers with policy end dates beyond April 30, 2020.