Man’s farting leads to mid-flight brawl and emergency landing

Man’s farting leads to mid-flight brawl and emergency landing

DUBAI — A gas leak led to the emergency landing of a Transavia Airlines last week. But in a surprising – and hilarious – turn of events, the leak wasn’t coming from the plane but rather from an unsuspecting elderly man.

While flying on Flight HV6902 from Dubai to Amsterdam, the flatulent man in question couldn’t help but release a few stink bombs, enraging two of his male seatmates who huffed and puffed through it all. They complained to the airline crew who reportedly did nothing to clear the air, and became increasingly aggressive until the pilot was forced to issue them a warning.

The situation intensified, leading to a fight on the plane and prompting the pilot to make an emergency landing at Vienna airport. There, police boarded the flight and removed the two men, along with two sisters who were sitting in the same row as unfortunate bystanders.

The women, who are of Moroccan and Dutch descent, are now taking Transavia to court for racial profiling.

“We had nothing to do with the whole disturbance. We distance ourselves from that. The blunt attitude of the Transavia flight attendants was wrong from the start of the flight,” Nora Lachhab, 25, told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. “Do they sometimes thing that all Moroccans cause problems? That’s why we do not let it sit.”

She added: “We had no idea who these boys were, we just had the bad luck to be in the same row and we didn’t do anything. All I will say is that the crew were really provocative and stirred things up.”

The budget airline claims the sisters were also involved in the fight and has since banned all four passengers from future flights. And the man who prompted the whole situation with his fart bombs? He got to stay on the flight.

No reports whether he passed the remaining time to Amsterdam by passing gas, but the odds are good.