Man proposes on private plane – then barfs immediately after

Man proposes on private plane – then barfs immediately after

CALIFORNIA — Now this is a story to tell the grandkids one day.

Darrell Hamilton Jr., a journalist from California, planned the most romantic private plane proposal for his girlfriend Rheanna Lopez. Every detail was planned, from the pre-boarding hike along California’s Reedley Blossom Trail to the huge sign on the ground that read “Marry me?” in big, bold letters. But what he didn’t plan for was an unexpected bout of motion sickness mid-flight.

In his official proposal video, which is now making the rounds on news outlets and social media, Hamilton is seen trying to rein in his nausea while Lopez admires the surrounding sights. After she spots the sign below, Hamilton pulls out the ring and asks for her hand in marriage. Problem is, he didn’t give her enough time to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ since he promptly doubles over and vomits into his lap.

Romantic, right?

Although the moment didn’t turn out exactly as planned, Lopez ended up saying yes and is seen in the video shortly after shedding tears of happiness. After all, what’s a bit of barf when you end up with the man of your dreams?

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