Man dies at Machu Picchu in photo op gone wrong

Man dies at Machu Picchu in photo op gone wrong

MACHU PICCHU — A 51-year old German tourist died last week at Machu Picchu after he slipped off a ledge and fell 130 feet while trying to get a picture of himself.

The incident has been reported as ‘death by selfie’ but the man was in fact handing his camera to another person on the tour for a photo op when the man lost his balance and fell. He had stepped off the path into a restricted area and wanted a picture of himself jumping as if into the abyss.

There’s been a rise in so-called death by selfie and similar pictures in recent years, as travellers in particular try to outdo each other with creative and increasingly high-risk vacation snaps for social media postings.

According to the Washington Post, the day before the Machu Picchu incident, a South Korean tourist taking a selfie fell more than 1,600 feet off the Gocta waterfall in north Peru.

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