Malaysia Airlines pulls a U-turn on baggage ban

Malaysia Airlines pulls a U-turn on baggage ban

Malaysia Airlines has lifted its ban on checked baggage on flights to Paris and Amsterdam, less than 24 hours after announcing passengers cannot check-in baggage to the two cities dues to “unseasonably strong headwinds.”

The abrupt U-turn came as a result of public outcry on social media, with travellers slamming the airline for not reducing the number of passengers or refusing to carry freight instead of imposing a baggage ban, reports ABC News.

When speaking to The Associated Press about the baggage ban, the airline said that it “uniquely has been using a routing (to Europe) via Egypt, which has been up to two hours longer than other carriers” for safety reasons. Headwinds over the past four days exceeded 200 knots, which can burn up to 15% more fuel on its Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

In another updated statement on Wednesday, the airline said: “Based on its current risk assessment, done on a daily basis, the airline is now able to take a shorter route on European flights. Malaysia Airlines maintains that safety is of utmost priority in its operations and will not hesitate to adjust its flight path based on its daily risk assessment.”

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