Lynx unveils new uniforms ahead of April launch

Lynx unveils new uniforms ahead of April launch

VANCOUVER — When Lynx Air takes off for the first time in two weeks, it will do so dressed to the nines in Canadian red and white.

Canada’s new ultra-affordable airline, which takes off from Calgary to Vancouver on April 7, has unveiled a sneak peek of its crew uniforms that includes a red and white colour scheme and a distinctive Lynx paw print in sky blue.

“We have a passionate team of flight attendants who can’t wait to welcome our customers onboard our brand new Boeing 737 aircraft,” said Merren McArthur, CEO of Lynx. “We have designed a uniform in which they can feel both proud and comfortable as they direct their energy to ensure a positive flying experience for all our passengers.”

In addition to the new uniforms, Lynx has launched a new contest that includes a weekend away from Vancouver to Calgary, Toronto or Kelowna. Each weekend getaway package includes two return Lynx flights and a two-night hotel stay at one of the three destinations. The contest closes on March 27, 2022. Full contest details can be found at Lynx Air’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

Lynx will be flying coast to coast across Canada, from Victoria to St. John’s, and eight other destinations in between that include: Vancouver; Kelowna; Edmonton; Calgary; Winnipeg; Toronto; Hamilton; and Halifax. One-way fares start at $39.

The airline’s first flight will take off from Calgary to Vancouver and back on April 7, with the network ramping up quickly thereafter. Upon launch, the airline will have a fleet of three new Boeing 737 aircraft, which will expand to a total of 36 aircraft over the next seven years.

Lynx’s flight schedule is as follows:

  • Calgary-Vancouver, 7x/weekly starting April 7, 2022, 14x/weekly from May 20
  • Calgary-Toronto, 4x/weekly starting April 11, 2022, 7x/weekly from April 18, 12x/weekly from June 28
  • Vancouver-Kelowna, 2x/weekly starting April 15, 2022
  • Calgary-Kelowna, 2x/weekly starting April 15, 2022, 3x weekly from June 22
  • Calgary-Winnipeg, 2x/weekly starting April 19, 2022, 4x weekly from May 5
  • Vancouver-Winnipeg, 2x/weekly starting April 19, 2022
  • Vancouver-Toronto, 7x/weekly starting April 28 2022
  • Toronto-Winnipeg, 2x/weekly starting May 5, 2022
  • Calgary-Victoria, 2x/weekly starting May 12, 2022, 3x/weekly from June 22
  • Toronto-St. John’s, NL, 2x/weekly starting June 28, 2022, 7x/weekly from July 29
  • Calgary-Hamilton, 2x/weekly starting June 29, 2022, 4x/weekly from July 29
  • Toronto-Halifax, 3x/weekly starting June 30, 2022, 5x/weekly from July 30
  • Hamilton-Halifax, 2x/weekly starting June 30, 2022
  • Edmonton-Toronto, 7x/weekly starting July 28, 2022


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