Lufthansa strike

Lufthansa publishes special flight timetable after renewed strike

TORONTO — In relation to the renewed strike announced by the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) pilots union, Lufthansa has cancelled 25 long-haul flights from Frankfurt for Tuesday, Sept. 30.

A total of 57 intercontinental flights were originally scheduled from Frankfurt today and 32 of those are planned to depart. Of those 32 flights, 26 will be flown by volunteer pilots, two others will depart earlier and four have been deferred to the following day (Wednesday). All the details on flight cancellations and flight-departure changes are listed in the Lufthansa special flight timetable, which has been published on the website.

The Lufthansa hub in Munich will not be impacted by the strike: Flights to and from Düsseldorf and short-haul flights from and to Frankfurt will also operate as scheduled. Furthermore, flights operated by the Lufthansa Group airlines Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, SWISS and Air Dolomiti (OS, SN, 4U, LX, EN) will not be affected either.

This fifth strike action within just four weeks will hit Lufthansa in the busiest air-traffic month of the year. Both the number of scheduled flights, as well as capacities, are traditionally at their highest level over the year at the end of September. Moreover, it is especially difficult at the end of the month to change crewing rosters and get pilots to volunteer for flights because planning options are restricted by the monthly limits on pilots’ flight-duty hours.

Furthermore, Lufthansa is barred from resorting to night flights by the stringent night-flight ban after 11 p.m. at its home base in Frankfurt.

“Even if we manage under these difficult conditions to get more than half our scheduled long-haul flights from Frankfurt off the ground with volunteer crews Tuesday, the walkout will again severely damage our reputation and erode confidence in our airline’s reliability. The VC union’s repeated resort to strike action will damage Lufthansa with unforeseeable consequences for all 120,000 employees, including the pilots,” emphasized Kay Kratky, member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board with responsibility for Operations and the Frankfurt Hub. “We apologize explicitly for the measures taken by the VC union, which is the only collective bargaining partner at Lufthansa intent on uncompromising and inconsiderate pursuit of its individual interests.”

Passengers whose flights have to be cancelled due to the strike can rebook or cancel their flight free-of-charge. Furthermore, all passengers scheduled to fly today (Sept. 30) with Lufthansa or any of the Group airlines from or to Frankfurt may also rebook a flight once at a later date during the present year free-of-charge.

In order to ensure that flight operations go ahead as smoothly as possible once again on Wednesday, Lufthansa is also cancelling flights from abroad to Frankfurt. The connections, which are affected, are also listed in the special flight timetable on the website.