Lots for TravelBrands to celebrate: new look, Access to the World site, Sunquest IQ
Zeina Gedeon, CEO, TravelBrands.

Lots for TravelBrands to celebrate: new look, Access website, Sunquest IQ

TORONTO — TravelBrands is back! Last night an estimated 700 agents visited the Toronto Congress Centre for what served as a coming-out party for the company two months after it emerged from CCAA protection. The mood was excited and energized, with TravelBrands making several announcements about improvements including a facelift for the brand, integration of the different companies, new online resources and improved agent services.

“We are going to be announcing a lot of surprises tonight, a lot of wonderful things we have been working on. Last year was a tough one but we wanted to ensure that our partners were protected in CCAA, which was achieved,” said TravelBrands’ Frank DeMarinis. “We want to thank each and every one of you who had faith and will support the new TravelBrands going forward.”

One of the major developments is more integration of the companies – Sunquest, Intair, Holiday House, Encore Cruises, Boomerang Tours, Exotik Tours, Carte Postale Tours, Alba Tours – under the TravelBrands umbrella, with new matching logos, in order to simplify and unite the companies.

Lots for TravelBrands to celebrate

Sal Buccellato, National Accounts Director Canada, Bahia Principe; Nino Montagnese, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, TravelBrands; Gavin Jimenez, National Accounts Manager Canada, Bahia Principe; Jane Clementino, Director of Agency Sales, WestJet.

“You need a facelift every once in a while! Our products are amazing, but we have a lot of them, so we have really condensed or combined many of our products,” said TravelBrands CEO Zeina Gedeon. “When I first came to TravelBrands, my thought was that there were too many brands doing the same thing. So we have combined many of our products.”

TravelBrands is also focusing on service with new streamlined departments and call centres for customer service, ticketing, air and groups, with plans to go even further and create a ‘super team’ that will ultimately be a one-stop-shop for all bookings.

The TravelBrands website, Access by TravelBrands, has a new sleek and modern look the functionality that allows agents to book everything including many add-ons such as transfers and excursions. Agents also have the option to book either gross or net pricing, plus agents can access a webinar library, agent guide, e-brochures and current promotions.

“I am just staring to get used to their new website, but I love it because everything you can book through them is in one place – whether that is hotels, packages, air or excursions. I just love the whole idea of having everything under one umbrella,” says Albina Figliomeni, travel consultant, Planet France. “I have no problems booking with TravelBrands after their financial difficult year, I knew it was just a little setback as many companies have had, but it looks to me like they are right back on track.”

Who hates waiting for group quotes? TravelBrands has a solution with the new Sunquest IQ: get instant quotes for groups up to 50. Also, eight passengers will now qualify for group rates, meaning two families of four travelling together can get the cost benefits.

TravelBrands has always supported agents after-hours, but now clients will have the same access to 24-hour phone support, to help them sort out any issues while on holiday, supporting the customer service experience and helping agents satisfy customers. Look for the ‘We’ve got your back’ logo and note the number: 1-800- 727-8687.

In celebration of the new and improved TravelBrands, an additional 1% commission is being offered on packages, FIT and cruises for a limited time, plus an additional 3% on car rentals.

“I am in awe and I am honoured for the turnout tonight. We do appreciate your support and your commitment to TravelBrands, but most importantly we appreciate the agents, our partners,” said Gedeon. “We have been listening to you for the last nine months and the amazing and exciting things happening tonight are a result of that.”

TravelBrands events have already taken place in Calgary and Vancouver. The Montreal event is tonight and the Halifax event takes place April 14.

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