Los Cabos ready to welcome back Canadians “with open arms”

Los Cabos to start reopening on June 1

LOS CABOS — Los Cabos is on its way to reopening to tourists, announcing a five-phase approach that applies to all travel sectors and service operators that will begin on June 1.

Upon completion, hotels, timeshares and some travel operators will be able to resume activities while protecting the health and safety of the community and travellers and limiting the resurgence of new COVID-19 cases.

The Los Cabos Tourism Board also confirmed that 62% of the destination’s hotel inventory will resume operations, while international airlines like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest and Delta have already announced their return.

The five phases are as follows:

Phase I: June: Resume travel activities with limit international and national arrivals. Properties and operators to focus on the implementation of health and safety guidelines.

Phase II: July – Reopening of the international terminal at the airport and slowly recovery of international arrivals.

Phase III: August to September – Recovery of national and international arrivals, especially reservations that were previously postponed.

Phase IV: October to December – Return of luxury travellers along with groups and travellers from Canada and the UK. Recovery of 60% of bookings projected by EOY.

Phase V: Q1 of 2021 – Restore of 60% of air connectivity along with 80% of bookings.


In addition to the reopening plan, Los Cabos is implementing strict health and safety measures across the destination, including:

  • Consistent health and safety guidelines
  • A layered approach that reinforces hygiene, cleaning, traveller physical distancing and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Standardized health screening protocols at the airport and port
  • Partnerships with travel providers to obtain a ‘Clean Point’ certification offered by the Mexico federal government to strictly adhere to hygiene protocols
  • Flexible travel policy
  • Streamlined communication protocols between hotels, suppliers and local authorities