F1S travel advisors report big increases in int’l bookings over 2022 & 2019: survey

Latest travel survey findings offer intel for spring vacation intentions

STRATFORD, ON — A new vacation intentions survey from one of the most recognizable brands in travel shows that Canadians’ pent-up demand to see the world is still going strong.

The poll, commissioned by travel luggage company Samsonite, surveyed 1,000 Canadians on their top travel destination preferences. Samsonite is a Canadian company that got its start in Stratford, ON more than 60 years ago.

The fun and lighthearted tone of Samsonite Canada’s survey nevertheless reveals some key travel intentions intel for the Canadian travel trade, as the spring vacation season looms.

‘SI’ OR ‘OUI’?

Taking two perennial favourite European destinations and putting them to the test, Samsonite Canada checked in with Canadians on their preference for an Italy vs. France vacation.

Nationally, Italy topped the bucket list for Canadians, and 34.6% of Canadians would choose Italy ‘if they could only take one more vacation in their life.’ Italy also saw high metrics in the survey’s regional breakdowns (for Ontario, B.C., Atlantic Canada and the Prairies).

The survey also checked in with Canadians on the best international destinations to:

  1. Get your groove back …

Italy – 27.03%
Mexico – 23.14%
Germany – 5.79%
Japan -15.36%
India – 4.84%

  1. Fall in love …

Italy – 36.6%
France – 32.1%
Mexico – 8.6%
Japan – 8.2%
Germany – 5.8%
South Africa – 4.9%
India – 3.8%

III. Have an epiphany …

Italy – 28.9%
France – 16.1%
Japan – 14.4%
Mexico – 13.5%
South Africa – 9.6%
India – 9.2%
Germany – 8.3%

  1. Re-invent yourself …

Italy – 29.9%
France – 17.1%
Japan – 16.4%
Mexico – 13.8%
Germany – 10.7%
South Africa – 7.5%
India – 4.6%

  1. Propose …

Italy – 35.5%
France – 25.3%
Japan – 12.7%
Mexico – 11.6%
South Africa – 5.2%
Germany – 5.1%
India – 4.5%


Samsonite Canada also polled Canadians on specific destinations, including Mexico, France and Germany …


25.3% of Canadians said that Mexico ‘loves Canadians the most.’
21.5% of Canadians feel that Mexico is the ‘most like home.’
18.3% of Canadians wish they could ‘travel to Mexico right now.’
12.9% of Canadians would choose Mexico ‘if they could only go on one more trip.’


21.3% of Canadians feel the love in France (i.e. think France loves Canadians the most)
20.6% say France feels like home
12.9% would choose it as their ‘last trip.’
14.8% of Canadians wish they could ‘travel there right now.’


Ontarians identified Germany as a top place to: Feel the most like home (23.3%), become a resident (26.6%), reinvent yourself (20.9%) and get over a breakup (12.4%)

52.4% of Ontarian women say that Germany loves Canadians the most


Rounding out the findings, Samsonite Canada also asked respondents about memorable vacation experiences. Among the responses …

“Sitting in the same restaurant and seat as James Gandolfini for the last episode of the Sopranos”

“The sensation of being home in a place you’ve never been before”

“Swimming with sea turtles and sharks”

“Coming home with a stray dog”

“A volcano eruption”

“Meeting President Clinton”

“Stood on the wharf my Father sailed out of 80 years previously when he was in the Romanian Navy”

“Saved a man’s life”

“Got an upgrade to first class after speaking Italian (learned for trip) and telling the airline clerk how beautiful their country was to visit”

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