KPMG posts list of TravelBrands’ known creditors

KPMG posts list of TravelBrands’ known creditors

TORONTO — A list of TravelBrands’ known creditors has been posted by KPMG, the monitor for the travel company that is in creditor protection.

Some 3,000 different entities are listed as creditors ranging from hotels and cruise lines to travel agencies and tour operators.

KPMG says that “to date, a claims procedure has not been approved by the Court, and creditors are not required to file a statement of account or proof of claim at this point in time.

The biggest creditor is TravelBrands’ holding company 2224855 Ontario Inc. which is owed $71.45 million.

Sears Canada is listed at $5.99 million and IATA at $2.4 million.

A number of hotels and resorts are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars each and hundreds of travel agencies are listed as creditors with most owed a few thousand dollars.

Creditors run the gamut from A to Z – A and B Travel of East Amherst, NY, owed a bit more than $2,000, to the Zoological Society of San Diego, owed about $5,000.

The complete list of creditors can be found here.

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