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Did you know? The quietest seats on a plane are…

TORONTO — Every traveller boards an airplane with hopes of it being a quiet and stress-free flight. Although there may be no way to avoiding screaming babies or chatty strangers onboard, there is a way to increase the odds of having a bit of peace and quiet on the plane.

According to a video posted by JetBlue on its blog, one pilot reveals what he has determined as the quietest seat on the plane. The answer? On the wings.

“There’s less noise when you’re sitting forward on the wings,” said the pilot, identified as Christian P. “In most planes, the engines are located under the wings. Sitting in the front of the wing is like being behind a speaker. All of the sounds of the engine and the disturbed air are projected away from you.”

He suggests finding a seat in the front of the cabin. And though he can’t guarantee you won’t be sitting next to a rowdy toddler, at least in the front you’ll be spared the constant rumble of the engines.

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