Did you know? Why you should never throw away your boarding pass

Did you know? Why you should never throw away your boarding pass

TORONTO — It’s a little slip of paper, how much damage can it cause? Boarding passes, which many of us have either lost or mindlessly discarded following a flight, contain more than just your name, flight number, destination, seat number and gate number. According to Aviation Republic, these pieces of paper contain personal information that you would never want to reveal.

Winston Krone, a forensic expert, tells the news source that a boarding pass has a bar code that contains a passenger’s name, home address, email address and contact number. If put in the wrong hands, a hacker can then use these personal details to easily gain access to your financial details.

And just to be extra safe, never post photos of your boarding pass on social media. With the kind of technology available these days, it’s not so farfetched to believe that hackers can still manipulate bar codes through photographs, however grainy or blurry they may be.

Make sure that you keep your boarding pass closely guarded before, during and after your flight, and that you tear it into little pieces before throwing it away.

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