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KLM’s new interactive map highlights country-to-country travel requirements

AMSTELVEEN — With travel rules and restrictions constantly changing due to COVID-19, KLM has launched a new interactive map that provides the most up-to-date information when planning a journey.

Now up and running, the ‘Where can I fly to?’ map shows current travel requirements for every country in KLM’s network. It displays travel requirements based on customers’ country f departure and vaccination status so that they can choose their next destination at a glance.

How it works is simple enough:

  • Go to and fill in the airport or country of departure
  • Move around the interactive map to view travel requirements for each destination
  • Customers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can click on the ‘I am fully vaccinated’ button to view travel requirements suited to their status
  • Once a destination is selected, customers are then directed to KLM’s TravelDoc website where they can view detailed travel requirements for that location

The new map is just the latest initiative by KLM to make travellers feel more at ease with the booking and travel process. It has been awarded the APEX Health Safety Diamond Award, the most prestigious health and safety distinction in the commercial airline industry, and it also offers maximum flexibility when booking, changing or cancelling trips.

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