JetBlue will offer fewer frills on its cheapest tickets

JetBlue will offer fewer frills on its cheapest tickets

NEW YORK — JetBlue is following the lead of larger rivals by offering a stripped-down ticket with fewer options than regular economy fares.

The airline says customers who take the cheapest fare might have to accept limits on when they board, their seat, and whether they can change or cancel a reservation.

JetBlue Airways Corp. President Joanna Geraghty said in a note to employees Friday that the new fare class will take effect sometime next year.

Geraghty says “our success is at risk” if JetBlue doesn’t offer the lower fares, which are called generally referred to as basic economy on Delta, American and United. Air Canada and WestJet also offer basic economy fares.

The big airlines introduced basic economy to compete with discount carriers like Spirit Airlines. Buyers can’t pick a seat when they book their ticket, can’t change a reservation once booked, and board last.

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