JetBlue will become a pizza delivering service (no, really)
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JetBlue will become a pizza delivery service (no, really)

NEW YORK — Los Angeles often gets a bad rap for its food, with critics comparing its cuisine to that of its east coast counterpart, New York City. But now, thanks to the services of JetBlue, Angelenos will soon get a taste of authentic NYC pizzas, delivered right to their doorsteps.

As part of a new ingenious marketing campaign called ‘Pie in the Sky’, JetBlue will become a pizza-delivering service for three days only, from May 9-11. Working in partnership with New York City’s iconic Patsy’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, the airline will fly 350 cheese and pepperoni pies from JFK to LAX each day.

Now, how’s that for door-to-door service?

Best way to eat your vegetables ???????? #patsyspizzeria #ues

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Award-winning director Spike Lee has also jumped onboard the pizza-plane, starring in a new promotional ad for the campaign. Growing up in Brooklyn, he told Metro that every day he would “have a slice of pizza and a cup of Coke, in a paper cup, for a quarter.”

Patsy’s Pizzeria first opened in East Harlem in 1933 and today is known for being one of New York City’s oldest coal-oven pizzerias. Rumour has it that old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, was a fan.

Ordering opens at 12 a.m. PDT daily on No guarantees, however, that pizzas will be delivered within the hour.

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