JetBlue passengers rally together to console grandmother of slain Orlando victim

JetBlue passengers rally together to console grandmother of slain Orlando victim

ORLANDO — A plane full of passengers has come together to console a grieving woman whose grandson was gunned down in the Orlando massacre on June 12.

Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, 20, was one of the youngest of the 49 victims shot and killed at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning. His grandmother, whose name was not identified, was flying to Orlando with JetBlue on Tuesday to attend Ocasio-Capo’s funeral.

According to Huffington Post, JetBlue employees, who knew the grieving grandmother was travelling solo, walked her to her seat and offered her a blanket, pillow, water and a box of tissues for her tears. Flight attendant Kelly Davis Karas wrote on Facebook that the crew went so far as to pass around pieces of paper to passengers for them to sign and offer words of condolences.

As it turned out, passengers not only signed their names, they wrote pages filled with heartfelt messages. Some even offered the grandmother cash donations, Karas wrote.

Upon landing, Karas ended her standard flight announcements with the declaration, “We stand with Orlando.” And as passengers left the plane, Karas noted on Facebook that “EVERY SINGLE PERSON STOPPED TO OFFER HER THEIR CONDOLENCES.”

Karas ended her post with the message, “In spite of a few hateful, broken human beings in this world…people ARE kind. People DO care. And through our customers’ humanity today, and through the generosity of this wonderful company I am so grateful to work for, I am hopeful that someday soon we can rally together to make the world a safer place for all.”

JetBlue is offering free flights for the Orlando victims’ families and domestic partners.

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