Japan proposes a ‘spamusement’ park because…why not?

Japan proposes a ‘spamusement’ park because…why not?

TOKYO — The Japanese are known for their quirky and innovative inventions, but this may very well take the cake.

A video has been posted to YouTube of a proposed ‘spamusement’ park, where visitors can combine a day at the spa with the thrills and attractions of a traditional amusement park. Think rollercoaster baths and hot tub carousels and you’ve pretty much got the gist of it.

The park would be based in the city of Beppu, known for its hot springs and luxury spas. Rides are based on traditional spa amenities and would incorporate plenty of water. Visitors, so it seems, aren’t required to wear clothing – a simple towel would suffice at this out-of-the-box park.

Makers of the video had the goal of reaching one million views – they hit that mark in just a few days. As such, the mayor of Beppu has confirmed the city plans to begin development of the park, though no completion date has been set.

Would you pay a visit to the world’s first spamusement park?

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