Italy’s new national airline ITA gets ready to open bookings

Italy’s new national airline ITA gets ready to open bookings

ROME — Effective Aug. 26 ITA will open sales for flights starting Oct. 15.

As reported last month, ITA is the new airline that will replace the long financially ailing Alitalia. Alitalia’s last flights will operate on Oct. 14. 

ITA stands for Italia Trasporto Aereo, or Italy Air Transport. There will be public bidding for the brand “Alitalia,” which ITA has said it will compete for.

In a news release from ITA, the airline said it is adopting a policy in which all ITA employees will be required to obtain Italy’s Green Pass, in line with the anti-COVID procedures and to safeguard the health of employees and customers.

ITA Chairman Alfredo Altavilla said: “An indispensable condition and our top priority is to complete negotiation with Alitalia under Extraordinary Administration for the sale of the Aviation perimeter as soon as possible. We have confidence in a constructive interaction with the trade unions in order to provide ITA with a new innovative employment contract capable of ensuring structural competitiveness of the airline with competitors.”

And ITA CEO and General Manager, Fabio Lazzerini, said: “In recent days, with the certifications obtained from ENAC, we have reached an important milestone in the history of ITA. Now we are preparing to achieve another fundamental result: the start of sales. Now we must achieve new and complex goals in view of the launch of operations on October 15 and numerous projects must be completed in order to create an efficient, sustainable, digital airline, capable of facing future challenges with flexibility and in full discontinuity with the past.”

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