Italy Specialist Program now at Travelweek’s Learning Centre
San Giminiano, Vigneti, Toscana

Italy Specialist Program now at Travelweek’s Learning Centre

TORONTO — Take the Italy Specialist Program now at Travelweek’s Learning Centre and deepen your knowledge of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world: Italy.

The Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) has teamed up with Travelweek’s Learning Centre for the online course, featuring destination information about Rome, Venice, Florence, Amalfi and many more.

The country has unparalleled natural beauty, with mountains, lakes, beaches, small and big islands, and peaceful hills covered with grapes and olive trees. Not only that, its cuisine is one of the most popular in the world, and in every region travellers can savour unique regional cuisines and excellent wines, and delight in countless festivals and events. Plus of course Italy offers priceless works of classic art as well as history, nature, eno-gastronomy, festivals, wellness and shopping opportunities galore.

By taking the Italy Specialist Program at Travelweek’s Learning Centre, agents will learn all about the cities, regions, sites, food and all the wonderful activities that await, plus get some inside tips on how to sell Italy better.

Agents who complete the Italy Specialist Program by Nov. 12 also qualify to win one of three gift cards valued at $400.

Not only does the Italy Specialist Program provide in-depth learning about Italy’s classic destinations, it also highlights many of the country’s hidden gems, says ENIT.

“The Italian National Tourist Board has officially launched the Italy specialist course that will educate and inform agents beyond the well-known destinations like Rome, Florence, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and Cinque Terre and Sicily. You will learn that there is so much more to discover and love in less known areas,” says the tourist board. “Each unit  showcases the uniqueness of what Italy has to offer, and the unparalleled diversity of its traditions, food and wine and landscape. Through the course you will be exploring every region in Italy.

“You will learn about the art cities, history, culture, UNESCO world heritage sites, the lakes and mountains and so much more (and yes this includes the food and wine).

“Join us by taking the course and once successfully completed you have a chance to win one of three gift cards (valued at $400).”

The course is available in both English and French. Click here for more details.

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