Israel Ministry of Tourism sings new Marketing Agreement with Peerless Travel Group
Ehud Telem, CEO Peerless Travel Group (far left), Gal Hana, Consul for Tourism IMOT (centre), and Artzi Korostelev, Executive VP, Peerless Travel Group

Israel Ministry of Tourism signs new Marketing Agreement with Peerless Travel Group

TORONTO — The Israel Ministry of Tourism-Canada (IMOT) has signed its first-ever marketing agreement worldwide with a Canadian company – Peerless Travel Group, based in Toronto.

The new venture aims to boost promotions and marketing of Israel into 2022, and marks a strategic step for IMOT towards a strong recovery for travel to Israel from Canada and other global markets.

According to Gal Hana, Israel Consul for Tourism for Canada, the agreement with Peerless builds on the momentum IMOT’s Canada office had prior to the pandemic, when it signed a partnership with TravelBrands.

On this new venture with Peerless, Hana said: “This emphasizes our strategic approach in building and strengthening relationships for the long term. Peerless Travel Group has been diligently getting ready for the floodgates to Israel to reopen, and with our signed Marketing Agreement, they will be able to confidently execute their plans.”

Ehud Telem, founder and CEO of Peerless Travel Group, added: “It is our honour to receive the vote of confidence from the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Now more than ever, we should collaborate on all fronts to restart tourism to Israel. Throughout the years, Peerless Travel Group remained fully committed to Israeli tourism. IMOT’s support, without a doubt, will greatly help us increase our marketing impact and we are confident that we will lead the Canadian traffic recovery for both FITs and groups.”

IMOT in Canada is currently pursuing other Marketing Agreements with leading Canadian tour operators, OTAs, conglomerates and other members of the travel trade, added Hana.

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